Now you can post your possessions to your NFT webpage for personal archival and viewing; or share it with other people when and if needed.

(When the possession is posted it automatically gets an id# in the background and on the fly. This unique id# resides on the universal block…


Recherche de V.A.R local Pour promouvoir et expliquer le produit Crozdale (plateforme Bitbrowze)

Crozdale effectue des transactions via une plate-forme propriétaire appelée Bitbrowze.

Crozdale (a) loue l’utilisation sur sa plate-forme et (b) vend alternativement ce système comme une solution clé en main. les dépenses en prix sont les suivantes :

Real-T is focused on the tokenization of real assets. We have many clients tokenizing real estate including some of the biggest projects globally. We are ready to help get your project off the ground!

The Global Tokenization Market

World Economic Forum: 10% of global GDP on blockchain by 2027
Finyear: tokenization market CAGR at 59% from 2019–2030
Frankfurt School BC: Europe tokenization market $1.5 trillion in 2024

JLL: 80% of all investments into real estate in just 60 cities around the globe, meaning that 1000s of areas are underserved.
MIT: 93% of real estate is beyond the reach of retail investors.
Better Homes and Gardens: 89% of US investors interested in real estate but only 3% has invested.

The 2022 Audi A6 serves up driving performance with a roomy, elegant interior

Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 5:00 a.m. ET


Colin Ryan

The size, style, equipment, tech, and driving talents are all here in ideal amounts

The Audi A6

The most expensive A6, before getting into S6 territory, is the 55 TFSI Prestige at $74,500. This version has plenty of equipment with all options.

Model 6 has 3versions, “A”, “S” and the “RS”. The A’s have 2 levels: “Premium” and, “Prestige”. The “S” is aS6 super-sporty sedan, and the RS 6 Avant is a hyper-sporty wagon.

Checking out the Pros and Coms


  • Style, tech…



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