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Recherche de V.A.R local Pour promouvoir et expliquer le produit Crozdale (plateforme Bitbrowze)

Crozdale effectue des transactions via une plate-forme propriétaire appelée Bitbrowze.

Crozdale (a) loue l’utilisation sur sa plate-forme et (b) vend alternativement ce système comme une solution clé en main. les dépenses en prix sont les suivantes :

Option #1 : 250 $/mois de location du système.

Option #2 : 5 000 $. Achat du système personnalisé. Cela comprend la configuration.

Option #3 : 350 $/mois de location du système personnalisé. Cela comprend la configuration.

V.A.R commission. Le vendeur recoit 15% sur les ventes nettes chaque mois dans l’option #1

Pour les options #2 et #3, le vendeur recoit une commission de 7,5% sur la vente.

Voici un exemple de site de commerce électronique: Crozdale

xDale Properties est aussi un agent immobilier de Crozdale

Pour vous inscrire et utiliser la plate-forme Bitbrowze, cliquez ici:

en tant que propriétaire d’art

en tant qu’écrivain

en tant que propriétaire de la maison

en tant que propriétaire de bijoux

Lire le manuel de l’utilisateur Bitbrowze

Lire la lettre de la communauté

Voici des exemples de propriétés sur la blockchain de Crozdale :


Copyright Owner




To promote and explain the Bitbrowze Platform (a Crozdale Product)

Crozdale transacts via a proprietary platform called Bitbrowze.

Crozdale (a) leases usage on its platform and (b) alternatively sells this system as a turnkey solution.

Here is a showcased sample of a Crozdale e-commerce website

xDale Properties is a Crozdale realtor

To sign up and use the Bitbrowze platform go here:

as an Art Owner

as a Writer

as a Real Estate Landlord

as a Jewelry owner

Read the Bitbrowze User’s Manual

Read the Community Letter

Here are samples of Crozdale Tokenized properties:

Real Estate


Fine Art


Art owner

1 go to www.

Scroll down and click the very last link in a red background : “get started”

2. Choose your role ; for example art owner or customer. If you intend to display your artwork or sell, you must get started as an art owner. If you intend to shop or buy, get started as a customer. If you are a third-party such as an insurance provider get started as insurer.

3 Since this is your first time you must register.

4 First, you really need a free wallet. Go to .The wallet address provides is your link to all future transactions.

5 Click “register” and follow simple instructions.

6 Copy the wallet address to your clipboard.

7 Once registered at, return to step 2. Fill in the form by first pasting your MEW wallet address to the appropriate field.

8 you are now good to go. You will have a username, password.

9 log out.

10 Go back to and


12 Scroll down to get started as art owner or customer, etc.

13 at top right-hand corner click “manage”.

14 Click the plus sign add your art listings one at a time.

15 Type the listing description. For example listing name, oil on canvas , 12 inches by 20 inches.

16 Type price of the original (without a dollar symbol).

17 Type price of a copy version (if any).

18 Upload its image from your computer. (Jpg. or PNG formats only).

19 Click the check mark.

20 repeat for additional items or log out.

21 visit

Voila! your personal items showcased.