With Hypso, you can easily create Smart Contracts on your website.

First of all, we host innumerable copy protected digital images on Bitbrowze.com/Xeries. We call each image “The Product”. “The Product” could be of a collectible work of art; a manuscript; a contract of sale; whatever.

Secondly, a person wants to convert that image into an NFT.

Thirdly, the person pays $100 (as an example) to acquire that digital image.

Fourthly, the person wants to mint an NFT version of that digital image. Why, because he becomes proprietor of that NFT and may display or sell it for his own price.

Fifthly, the person must have gas to mint the NFT, and be henceforth responsible for his own gas supply.

With respect to Contracts of Sale Products, the terms of a standard contract of sale would need to be encoded as a Smart-Contract. For example, A Landlord-Tenant Rental Agreement. We provide a digital library of similar types of encoded Agreements. They are individual “Products”. In addition to the above we are restricting the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th activities to be by the same user.


Create Distributed Applications built with Ethereum Solidity Language without the need to be a developer.


Create your own Smart Contracts with our intuitive & easy to use interface. Flexible and powerful tools to interact with your Contract.


Take advantage of trustworthy Blockchains: Confidentiality, Privacy, and Secure Smart Contract Execution for your own projects and business.

Create Smart Contracts on your website


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Layer 2 Solutions

Ethereum gas fees have been rocketing since the price of Ethereum and the hype about crypto-currencies has increased.

Now you can deploy all smart contracts flavors in:


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The Power of Ethereum + Hypso

Connect Ethereum Blockchain using Metamask. A frictionless experience to create decentralized smart contracts.

Now you can post your possessions as NFTs on your webpage for personal archival and viewing; or sell them to other people when and if ready.

(When the NFT is posted it automatically gets an id# in the background and on the fly. This unique id# resides on the universal block chain and means that the item can be PROVEN as your possession. In other words, the item — whatever it is- becomes an NFT).

What then, is an NFT? It is simply a unique unit of data that can be linked to an image or the title to any property you may one day want to sell (including, but not limited to an objet d’art, or your house, or anything else you want to make unique).

Here is how to Get Started: https://lnkd.in/dUtNPvEg

o Visit landing page

o Automatically get tools similar to the following:

o an NFT webpage with a shopping cart,

o an integrated DeFi wallet,

o Your own e-magazine similar to Facinations Magazine

o Your own Blog similar to the iProprietor Blog

o Eventually, you may wish to sell or barter that item to someone else. Via this personal NFT website, you can easily transact for regular cash, crypto or even barter it for another item. For instance, you could transform your beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag into an NFT simply by posting it on your NFT site.

o Optionally, if you join the iPROPRIETOR Community, and someone there sees and wants your handbag, they could swap it for a pair of shoes or a scarf. Presto! Or, they could buy it for cash or crypto. Their payment goes automatically to your wallet. You courier the handbag to the recipient. Deal is done! Only you two even knew about the transaction; and you did not need to know one another’s names. If you so desire, private physical delivery to the recipient can be via DHL couriers to a preset P.O. Box and who offer anonymous accounts with only crypto fees and a serial # ID

Detailed Instructions:

You must first visit The Bitbrowze Landing Page

1 Log in (or scroll down and…)

2 Select your dApp by industry preference

Choose From

NFT Real Estate: REAL-T E.g: https://bit.ly/3q2kn3p

NFT Art : XERIES E.g: https://bit.ly/3bjbWIm

NFT Texts: XTRACTS E.g https://bit.ly/3r3fszt

3 Signify your Role

Scroll down page to “Get Started” in your preferred ROLE.

4 Register (or use the illustrated credentials)

5 Sign in