The Octo-Mom today

The Genetic Game Of Chance

If you’re wondering why you don’t look like your siblings, it’s because of genetic differences. Some children inherit a specific genetic trait while others do not, much like a game of chance. If you have 14 children, like Natalie, your various genetic characteristics will most likely be expressed. Natalie adores all of her children and considers herself fortunate that they all have different genes and don’t look alike. Noah and Nariyah, two of her Octuplets, for example, have very different appearances. This is the history of mankind. Different appearances, for this very reason, give the impression of “races”. However, no such thing exists, no matter how extreme the differences appear. That is a scientific fact.

Remember The Famous Octo mom? Those were 2 of her kids. more pictures

First, she had 6; then 8 at once. She had 14 kids! Sisters

Only four of Natalie’s 14 children are girls, so despite their age difference, they are very close, and Natalie enjoys spending time and bonding with them. You can see a perfect moment Natalie shared with her girls in this photo, as well as their obvious similarities. Natalie makes an effort to set aside time each week to bond with her boys and girls separately, but she treasures when she can be with all of her children, which isn’t always possible.

Throwback Picture

She bears a striking resemblance to her mother in this photo. Natalie Suleman was only two years old at the time of this picture. This could explain why some of her children are light-skinned, and others are dark-skinned. Natalie enjoys showing off these lovely photographs from her past. It makes her appreciate her current family even more. Although raising 14 children is no easy task, Natalie maintains a positive attitude by counting her blessings every day.

She posted this and wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to my dad “Eddie.” One follower commented, “Love this. But why have you given your kids Jewish names when your father is Muslim?”. We were wondering the same thing, so she cleared it all up with her reply, “Yes absolutely, and when my father immigrated to America, he befriended many Israelis and loved all people unconditionally.” She added how “This is how I grew up, loving all human beings and embracing differences. Sad how America is so polarized in recent years. I pray one day we will all unite”.