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The new age of decentralization is ideally suited to the enforced response to the Covid-19 crisis. Social distancing by Quarantine symbolizes the protocol of not operating from one central location. This transitional stage continues to temporarily cripple industries worldwide.

However, real estate offices are learning how to cope with social isolation in an otherwise gregarious industry. Virtual open house showings are quickly becoming accepted by all as are webinars. Teleconferencing solutions such as Zoom require enormous bandwidth resources. Now, the decentralized alternative to business-as-usual is increasingly appealing.

All of the following is to say, Please consider using our Realty Token (RealT) to conduct all your real estate transactions. Read on to understand Why.

On a GRAVER note, social media this month are teeming with testaments of REACTIONS TO POLICE MISCONDUCT LEADING TO RIOTS AND CURFEWS ADDED TO QUARANTINE.

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Blockchain fever. . What is the blockchain? One could consider The Blockchain as The Internet Level Two. Call it the Alternet. Just as your credit card or your online bank resides on the internet, so too can your transactions reside on the blockchain; even your currency transactions. But, just as your credit card is not the internet, likewise cryptocurrency is not the blockchain. The blockchain is just the technology that makes cryptocurrency possible. It makes many other transactions possible as well.
“I don’t have a strong opinion on cryptocurrencies, but I have a strong opinion on the blockchain as a solution for
things like contracts, supply chains, and the internet of things. While some folks think Bitcoin is an interesting application for blockchain they may not be aware that there are thousands of applications and wider use cases beyond bitcoin. Many blockchain applications are called smartcontracts. These are based on blockchain tokens.

What is a Token anyway? Simple. A token is a place-holder of value.
A token is more important to your life than almost anything except your health.

All your worldly efforts and possessions are calculated in terms of tokens. The coin in your pocket is a government token, for instance. But you already knew this. If you are paying attention you may increasingly be beginning to appreciate that If the government token continues to be watered down then life becomes harder and harder. You have to run faster and faster just to stay in the same economic place as before. The same house that you valued 10 years ago for 500,000 tokens is today exchangeable for 1,000,000 tokens. Nothing may have changed. You are led to believe that the house magically improved by its mere existence. The opposite is true. The house is a constant. The variable are the tokens. They may look the same but each one has a different exchange value than 10 years ago. The same house that cost your grandfather 20,000 tokens now costs you 2,000,000 tokens. How come? Partly it may be because more people are interested in getting that house, but partly it is also that the token used to do so holds less esteem because the economy has been flooded with them by the token maker and they are less scarce relative to scarce objects such as that house. The gradual flooding of the market is the crime. In reality your grandfather’s token should have a different name than the one you now have, but it does not. So you are fooled. This ponzi scheme is designed to mesmerize you into thinking that you are evolving by means of “profit”. Therefore, it is crucial to open your eyes to the role of the token; and more importantly the motives of the token maker. Who is he anyway? More on this later.

Mary Had a Little Chair: Mary has a chair that she values with equal esteem as she would Michael’s Flatscreen. Michael loves his flatscreen but doesn’t want Mary’s chair. Instead, he wants Danny’s laptop. Danny would be willing to exchange that laptop for Mary’s chair if only he knew that it was available. We could expand this coincidental marketplace of desires ,but let’s stop here. To make life easy for all concerned, let’s establish a token that is equal to the chair’s value. That token acts like a place holder of the value of the chair. Mary can give a token to Michael for his flatscreen. Michael can hand over the token to Danny for what he really wants, which is the laptop; Danny has no interest in the token except to quickly hand it over to Mary for her chair. Mary has gotten back her token which has just played musical chairs. A token can be anything. But it has always been accepted because

(a) it had intrinsic value such as beauty. For example, gold. Because of this beauty, a token made of gold could be made into bracelets or decorative items if push came to shove;
(b) it could not be vulnerable to counterfeit; Otherwise the whole house of cards would collapse. Bad minded people could double count for the same exchanged item simply by replicating a new token out of thin air.

What could such an invulnerable token be? Once upon a time it used to be gold because gold fulfilled (a) and (b). No one could quickly make up counterfeit gold. But in reality, people would rather not be obliged to melt down their tokens and flooding the world with bracelets. Therefore, (a) eventually became over rated in their mind. It was replaced by some kind of reassurance that the token holder would never be left holding the bag. The
the reputation of the government was eventually sold as such an intangible attribute. After all, there is only one government that anyway could not be counterfeited and if it collapsed then supposedly nothing else mattered; an inherently false assumption, since the token holder should easily be able to migrate with his token. Therefore, this was “an offer the citizens could not refuse”. Unfortunately, when a fox guards a hen house there’s little comfort in the matter of reputation; And what happened was predictable: the foxy government actually counterfeited the tokens by watering down the value of each one. The result was called inflation whereby the token makers got a twofer; then a threefer, then a tenfer, etc.

But now a new token is in town. This token’s reputation cannot be counterfeited. It is based on a mathematical algorithm that makes such larceny impossible. That algorithm is called , The Blockchain. Suddenly, the fox feels threatened. He resorts to discouraging the popularity of this inconvenient token.
But not all people are believing his propaganda.

I think you may be getting the picture now. I have written this narrative in the hope that you get the life changing importance of tokens; whether they be a dollar bill or a crypto.

Feel the pain. More than one-third of US consumers less than before and it could reach 50% by the end of the month owing to the spread of COVID-19, according to Wedbush analysts. Morgan Stanley experts have also reported that last week’s retail traffic fell 9.1%. Luxury retail’s traffic decline was even sharper: 14.7%! Nevertheless, the apparel sector seems more resilient: its fall was limited to 3.9%. Some rare companies even saw increased traffic. For example, Dick’s Sporting Goods recently reported its annual results and more people to its stores during the 4th quarter.

Uncertainty. Intu Properties, Britain’s biggest shopping center owner, a £2 billion loss, driven by a sharp decline in the value of its portfolio. The group, which owns 9 of the UK’s top 20 shopping centers like-for-like rental income tumble by 9.1% in 2019. Intu’s leaders tried to raise as much as £1.5 billion to amortize debts, but they failed. In their financial results, they a “material uncertainty” about their ability to continue operating. The coronavirus’ outbreak only adds to their troubles.

A Better Deal. Real-T is actually backed, not by gold but by Real Estate. Even more substantive than gold, real estate cannot be easily duplicated or counterfeited. If push came to shove it can be used to do stuff or plant stuff or reside upon. As a conceptual transition from government to blockchain tokens , when we created the Real-T token we said that each Real-T would be equivalent to $1 AT THE DATE OF ITS INITIAL DEPLOYMENT. This means that, like a buoy that floats on a bumpy sea the RealT maintains its value as a place marker of value. A 100,000 Realt’s today will buy the same house in 10 years or 100 years because, like a Shock absorber , it floats above inflation. In the illustration above, if Danny wanted Mary’s chair he would need to give her $850 Real-T’s. In future the chair may be worth $1800 in cash but the owner would trade it for the same 850 RealT’s. No inflation. It is optional for them to convert their Real-T’s into government tokens. Why would they? Doing so reintroduces the vulnerabilities of government tokens, such as inflation!?
If someone in future wanted those 850 realT’s they would need to cough up 1800 dollars; because of inflated dollars. The RealT is immune to inflation. However, if the seller insists on cash conversion rest assured that any Real-T can easily be converted.

RealT Brands. Because 80% of real estate transactions are essentially an exchange of documents like credit reports, applications, deeds, and rental agreements realT distributed apps convert these to incorruptible smart contracts via blockchain technology. RealT Method of Real Estate transactions co-exists easily with traditional methods. It is simply another arrow in your quiver. With RealT there is a reduced need for third party intervention in transactions; This means thousands of dollars in transaction savings. Cross-border transactions are a cake walk. Transactions are faster by an order of magnitude. Transactions are more transparent and literally immune to fraud. And, so much more.

Firstly this token is ownable. Which means we can sell it to a Landlord or his Property Manager.

Function #1 The tenant pays deposit

Function #2 The app checks that the deposit is not overpaid.

Function #3 Landlord withdrawals monthly rent

Function #4 Smart contract Oraclizes sensitive customer data to an offline server. This means that the information is offloaded to an Oracle database server on the proprietor’s local computer.

Function #5 The Arbitrator Function remains dormant in case there are future issues between the landlord and tenant.

How does the Word about Real-T spread?

Because most real estate transactions are initiated by word of mouth the perfect marketing tool is our incorruptible MLM distributed app.We do not advertise. Our online distributed mobile App: OurBlock is Our Direct Marketing App. This is our second app.

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