The Ying and Yang of it all

I can only speak authoritatively on my personal experience.

The rest is opinion.

Today I suddenly feel as though I have been living in a fool’s paradise.National and World events have cast a sobering pall on my optimism. All along I assumed that my reputation, persona and views were embraced or contradicted on their own merit. I now realize I may have been in denial.

On the one hand, many people seem automatically to listen and to respond on the basis of preconceived regard for the messenger’s physical appearance. With others there is a deep mistrust, skepticism or even disregard on the other hand where all must be verified and sanitized before grudging acceptance.

To deny this privately held bias that resists examination many will simply say that none of the foregoing is true and the speaker is petulant and oversensitive. I get it.

Too bad.

The straightforward solution to color prejudice: Don’t be a LYING LIBERAL

7.5% of Brazilians are coded or code themselves demographically as ‘Black’.

In the United States twice as many ( or 15%) are thusly identified; leaving 85% as non-’black’.

In the Caribbean the proportion is inverted; 15% are coded as “light” (a combination of Europen, Afro-European, Asian, East Indian, Arab)and 85% are coded as “darkies”. No matter, in both cases the material wealth favors the non-’black’ because of …..color prejudice.

To add insult to this economic injury, contempt for dark skin is expressed by physical brutality, sometimes even by police of the same complexion.

These days it is nice to see a public revulsion at the undeniable exposure of this brutality. However, revulsion is a luxury afforded to the remote observer. It’s like watching Star Wars or even a foreign war on television. After the credits, it’s back to an unobstructed life. Out of sight, out of mind.

On June 10, 2020 there is a new call to action by the earnest observer. He must put his money where is outrage is. He cannot rely only on government to solve the issue. Yes, it’s government that must restructure enforceable legislation. Additionally the sincere individual must deliberately do 4 things:

(1) He must consciously decide to spend between 15% -30% of his annual budget with specifically black enterprises. He must spend twice the percentage of the black demographic so as to compensate for the hard boiled bigots in the 85%.

(2) When he buys, sells or leases out his real property he must give a chance to a ‘black’ family in his neighborhood who can afford it.Do NOT rely on an agent to publicize the availability: Be sure to put the word out ALSO in the ‘black’ media.

(3) He must PERSONALLY invite and embrace a ‘black’ individual or family to his events within his gated community.

(4) He must make sure to support the efforts of a worthy ‘black’ person at the same level of compensation as an equivalent non-’black’ person.

These are the MINIMUMS that are expected of a sincere person who wants to improve the situation.

Do not imagine that these omissions will fix themselves They will not.

Any less attention to these 4 details is sabotage. Now you cannot say you did not know. Cheers!