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As Hamlet wondered, “To Be or Not To Be”, so too do I wonder what is the plot or purpose of the experience I know as existence. ” What if what we experience as death and birth are really the appearance and reappearance caused by jumping from one dimension to another?”

Listen how Carl Sagan illustrates this concept better than I can

Let us use the word “Dimension” as a synonym for “In Terms Of”.

We are mentally equipped to experience a world of 5 dimensions. The Zeroth Dimension, The First Dimension, The Second Dimension, and The Third Dimension (+ a modifier called Time).

When we say the zeroth dimension we are speaking “In terms of “ an object that has no physical attributes. This is represented roughly as a dot or point on a piece of paper.

When we say the First dimension we are speaking “In terms of “ an object that has only distance forward or reverse; We mean to say the distance between two imaginary points. The First dimension is represented by a line.

When we say the Second dimension we are speaking “In terms of “ an object that has a flat Area. In other words, a boundary of lines.

When we say the Third dimension we are speaking “In terms of “ an object that has a thick volume; in other words linear boundaries that go up and down as well as sideways.

We are equipped to appreciate objects of the third dimension because we are , ourselves, such objects. As such we can see in terms of the third dimension and its lower components. We can see the other dimensions as an eagle can see peripherally and downwards but never upwards. Thus, it becomes a bit more abstract to perceive phenomena “in terms of higher more complex dimensions. We say that when we speak “in terms of “ duration we are referring to the fifth dimension. However, duration (or time) is not in reference to physical size, as were the previous four (zero,first,second, and third). To appreciate the fifth Dimension we would have to imagine ourselves as SIXTH DIMENSIONAL BEINGS. And so forth. This requirement would go all the way to the 10th Dimension where we would have to imagine ourselves as Eleventh Dimensional beings. A powerful abstract imagination would be required. We would need appropriate language to describe or communicate what we saw. We have only mathematics as such a language.

(This mobius diagram demonstrates how)

It has been proposed that one way to get an eagle’s eye view of any dimension is to “fold” into those above it so as to look down from above. Thus, for example, the flat surface experience of a 2nd dimension citizen can be illustrated by folding a flat surface into a three dimensional tube. This is called a mobius strip . If a three dimensional ant were to crawl along the full length of the two dimensional strip, it would return to its starting point having traversed both sides without ever crossing an edge. Let’s say that each side of the strip was a dimension. The ant would have entered both dimensions. However he wouldn’t even know that he had done so.

Why do I write and seek a deep understanding of phenomenology? Because it informs my basic attitude to life in general. For instance, the latest topic of my interest is the 10 or 11 dimensions proposed by String Theorists. One possible conclusion I have drawn from their scientifically supported theory is that each dimension defines or makes possible a panoramic view of the preceding dimension, but not the reverse. For further example, we exist in the 4th dimension and it is relatively easy for us to observe three dimensional reality. However, we can merely speculate about attributes of the fifth dimension and can merely extrapolate from our experience how a fifth dimensional view of our fourth dimension might seem.

To be more graphic, as 4th dimension organisms we readily comprehend the zeroth, the first, the second, and the third dimensional perspectives of point, line, area, and volume respectively. The fourth dimensional attribute of “duration”, however, is less available to our intuition since it is peripheral to our perspective. We live here.

String theory scientifically convinces me that my appearance at birth into this dimension is called the fourth, and my seeming disappearance at death could well be a technical matter of jumping from one dimension to the next. How this works technically, is well described in the videos of the following link.


Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


To understand the world and life, we have to use words as metaphors for other words. Even when we do not utter the words, they define our silent and private picture show called consciousness. Of course words are not necessarily verbal. They could also be pictorial or aural. But we somehow use words to translate what is perceived into meanings. To fully grasp this notion we must agree on what we mean when we say certain words. For instance What is a representation?

We represent an idea with a metaphor. For instance we may say this drawing represents the person or object to which I am now going to describe. Naturally it is not the actual thing.

Therefore, what is a notion? what is a Dimension?

It is an expression meaning “In terms of”. Therefore, it is a mere device when referring to phenomena. Click on these notions: Point, folding, line, plane, duration, probability space, phase space, infinity, universe, multiverse String Theory M-Theory

The ZEROth Dimension is A Point.

What is a Point?

A point is an artificial reference marker. It has no dimension. It is however, necessary for describing all that follows.

a spatial point is a primitive notion upon which other concepts may be defined. Being a primitive notion means that they have no properties other than those that are derived from the axioms of the formal system in which they are used, i.e., they do not have volume, area, length, or any other higher-dimensional attribute.

We agree as follows

Dimension # is to be represented by :

0. a point. having the property of being a reference.

  1. a line; having the property of “length”only.
  2. a plane; having the property of “area”; that is length AND width.

multiple planes; having the property of “volume” or “solids”; length, width and depth.

  1. a timeline ; having the property of “duration”.

a probability space; having the property of probability; many different states at once.

  1. a phase space; having the property of phase.
  2. an infinity; having the property of infinity.
  3. a universe ; having the property of ALL.
  4. a multiverse; having the property of all possible ALLs

0. having the property of no properties

For instance the first dimension is LENGTH

We speak of distance IN TERMS OF length. And length only.

The first dimension is length.

The second dimension is width. There cannot be a width wout a length.

If we were to represent width by a single line the line would be mistaken for one of length.

The third dimension is depth or its inverse, height.

It has to be relative to the other two in order to make sense.

The fourth dimension is Duration also known as Time. There can be no distance without phrasing it “in terms of” duration. Why? because the distance from point A to point b is a metaphor for moving from point A to point B. Distance can be described only in terms of the time taken to get from A to B. Nothing else makes sense.

All four dimensions are basic in describing the hologram that we perceive as reality. Examples are as follows: A one dimensional concept is distance (Measured “in terms of” duration). A two dimensional concept would be the shadow on a wall. A three dimensional concept would be a brick.

And yet, there are additional dimensions. Seven more to be exact. Those are not observable in terms of ordinary conceptual expression. They do not refer to common everyday experiences.

SEE Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JkxieS-6WuA

Carl Sagan describes it best https://interestingengineering.com/understanding-fourth-dimension-3d-perspective